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Life-changing comfort starts with our team's talents and creativity. We believe that inclusivity and an openness to new ideas accelerate innovation, success, and fun. After all, supportive product can't exist without a supportive workplace.

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About SAXX.

SAXX Underwear was founded in 2006, and has offices in Vancouver, BC and Portland, OR. Born out of the conversations that weren’t being had around men’s self-care, we’ve dedicated ourselves to challenging discomfort. We do this by designing life-changing technologies to help men feel more snug, supported, and secure. You could call this our mission, but we think of it as our obsession with comfort.

Our culture.

Without our employees’ resiliency, creativity, and pizazz, we wouldn’t be the change-makers we are in men’s comfort. Being trailblazers in self-care, however, starts with care within  our company walls. 


What matters to employees matters to us: our culture is informed by our team members. Whether it’s gathering staff feedback to create a workplace that meets individual needs and ideas, prioritizing respect and trust to strengthen collaborative efforts, or equipping employees with the tools and resources to set them up for success – we strive to create a culture that is welcoming, cooperative, and encouraging. 

At SAXX, there's no ‘on-brand’ employee – we celebrate team members' true, authentic selves. To foster a safe and inclusive environment, we lead with empathy, transparency, and flexibility. Because innovation starts with a sense of belonging.

In almost every meeting I attend, someone asks a variation of “how can I support you with that?” and means it. This supportive and caring culture is something we live out both internally with each other, and externally with our customers in providing them the premium service they expect from us.

Kaelyn (SAXX employee since 2013)

Core values: the SAXX Six.

To build our core values, we put our heads together to identify principles that represented us professionally and personally. We also wanted these ideas to function as a blueprint for the culture we sought to cultivate. These discussions yielded the SAXX Six.

SAXX benefits.

Hiring process.

We hire people who are great at what they do and treat each other well. We want you to be happy here. And we know a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment is critical to this. It all begins with our hiring process.