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Man wearing black cooling tee and black cooling boxer briefs in camoflague print

All DropTemp™ Collections

Man wearing dark blue cooling boxer briefs

Cooling Mesh

Sweat-wicking all-day active styles.

Man wearing light blue boxer briefs in surfing santa print

Cooling Cotton

Super-soft for all-day comfort.

Man wearing cooling sleep pants in a plaid pattern and beige slippers

Cooling Sleep

Features our cooling tech + the BallPark Pouch™ FREE.

Man wearing a purple long sleeve tee and swim shorts in a floral pattern

All Day Cooling

A sweat-wicking style with UPF 50.

Striped aquatic boxer briefs on beach chair with water being poured on it

Cooling Hydro Liner

Water-ready underwear.

Man in white shirt and boxer briefs wearing glasses and watch
State-of-the-art cooling tech.

DropTemp™ is the #1 cooling fabric in underwear and apparel.

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Man in violet long sleeve shirt and gloves standing in woods
Boost your natural cooling capacity.

DropTemp™ evaporates your sweat to chill you out – without cooling chemical treatments.

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Keep it cool, gentlemen.

DropTemp™ All Day Cooling features tops and tees with UPF 50.

Striped boxer briefs on beach chair by palm trees
Water-ready underwear.

The DropTemp™ Cooling Hydro Liner is ready for your next beach day.

Man in patterned boxer briefs and black vest holding water bottle
Seek the heat.

DropTemp™ Cooling Mesh is an outdoor-driven performance style.

Shirtless man in blue boxer briefs holding three personal fans
Chill your dill on the daily.

Super-soft & breathable, Cooling Cotton is designed for all-day wear.

Have sweet dreams, not sweat dreams.

Make bedtime cooler with DropTemp™ Cooling Sleep.