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Man wearing white 2N1 Shorts and a maroon tee while doing weighted squats

All High-Performance

Man wearing a black mesh tee and a smart watch


Breathable + cooling styles that keep guys sweat-free.

Man wearing gray performance shorts while holding up the leg to show orange liner

2N1 Shorts

Supportive styles with a built-in BallPark Pouch™ liner.

Man wearing black Long Leg Boxer Briefs and a smart watch


Provides top-tier support for workouts + outdoor activities.

Man in hiking boots wearing a black long sleeve baselayer crew and baselyer tights in a vibrant pattern


Outdoor-ready styles that deliver next-to-skin comfort.


Here’s the deal. Underwear specifically designed for sport and other athletic activities is a no brainer. When you’re running, jumping, lunging or d-ing some poor sucker up, your balls are like two eggs on a collision course. Without proper support, they could be in for a Humpty Dumpty type disaster. Whether you’re browsing Kinetic HD, Hyperdrive, Sport Mesh or Volt, this sport underwear is here to provide you performance-level support, coverage, and comfort. Made using moisture-wicking materials, these are the best underwear for working out, exercising, or getting active. Each pair comes equipped with either the patented BallPark Pouch™ or the BallPark Pouch™ PRO (both of which will give your balls a massive boost). Designed to support you in the gym, on the field, or wherever you’re staying active, give yourself a physical edge with the very best in performance underwear. For serious athletes looking for Compression Fit underwear, make sure to try the advanced Hyperdrive.

Graphic with baselayer tights in gray swirly pattern overlaying snowy mountains
A man never lets frostbite chew on him.

Stay toasty + sweat-free for winter sports with Roast Master Mid-Weight.

Man rock climbing while wearing blue baselayer top and tights
Quest puts the brakes on man-moisture.

Our all-season baselayer speeds up drying times for sweat-free comfort.