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Teal boxer briefs on a hanger hanging off a golden shower valve

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Shirtless man standing in black boxer briefs

Boxer Briefs

Best-selling style. Sits comfortably mid-thigh.

Shirtless man standing in black briefs


Classic silhouette with signature features.

Shirtless man standing in black trunks


Slightly shorter than our boxer briefs.

Shirtless man standing in black loose fit boxers

Loose Fit Boxers

Airy, with ample room around the leg.

Shirtless man standing in black long leg boxer briefs

Long Legs

Made for guys who are taller or prefer a longer fit.

Shirtless man standing in black tights and running shoes


Full-length for complete coverage and support.


Up to 30% off life-changing pairs.

Man wearing a white cooling v-neck undershirt


An undershirt that delivers cooling comfort.

Mens Underwear

It’s not just mens underwear. It’s the most comfortable mens underwear. Anyone who’s spent even a second in SAXX knows this to be true. From the patented BallPark Pouch™ – a 3D hammock that holds everything in place – to the premium fabrics, to the non-chafing Flat Out Seams™, your whole life changes when you finally feel the comfort and support our mens underwear provides. For lack of a better word: it is life changing. Whether you’ve got your nose to the grindstone, are busy busting’ your ass out there in the hot sun, are working out over the weekend, or are busy having fun, our wide range of comfortable mens underwear styles will suit any guy for any occasion. We’re obsessed with the comfort of your manhood, and no matter the shape or size, we’ve got your balls best interest in mind. Try the most comfortable underwear for men and experience the BallPark Pouch™. You’ll be glad you did.

Three pairs of underwear draped over light blue crate
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Shirtless man in blue boxer shorts standing with hand on hip
Loose Fit Boxers feature the BallPark Pouch™ FREE.

The pouch’s boomerang-shaped mesh panels gently keep your balls in place.

What's the best style to workout in?

Kinetic features a Light-Compression Fit and the BallPark Pouch™ PRO for maximum support.